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20 things to do in Kiev

Whether you’re going to be there these days, or if you’re looking for a different destination for your next vacation, Kiev has a lot to offer. On the banks of the Dnieper River, this beautiful city is known for its religious architecture, its monuments and its museums. But there are some things that you can not stop doing, or stop seeing. These are:

Andriivski | Visit Kyiv

1. Make a wish at the fountain in the courtyard of the Monastery of San Miguel. For this you will need to dip a coin and press it into one of the four metal corners. If the coin sticks and does not fall, your wish will come true. So now you know.

2. Have fun and go back to childhood in Landscape Alley. Here you will find sculptures of giant cats: caterpillars, elephants, fountains, sparrows and zebras. If you travel with children it is the most.

3. Climb the bell tower of the reserve “Sophia Kyivska” and you can see the Sophiyivska square and the Mikhailivsky monastery from a bird’s eye view, 76 meters high. Definitely worth it. 

4. Practice sports activities, for example visiting the legendary Kachalka which is located in the Hydropark.

5. Walk along the Andriivsky Descent, the so-called “Kyiv Montmartre”, a colorful place that will enrich your inner world.

Chicken Kyiv | Visit Kyiv

6. Visit the Nikolai Syadristy Museum of Microminiatures and take a closer look at his most popular work: the flea with horseshoes, made of gold and in life size.

7. Organize a romantic date at the Bridge of Love and admire the monument to “Eternal Love”.

8. Play a chess game with great local masters, dance or read a book in Shevchenko Park.

9. Try the “Chicken Kyiv” and the legendary local fast food “perepichka”.

10. Admire the deepest subway station in the world: “Arsenalna” (105m) and another “Zoloti Vorota”. It is one of the 15 most beautiful metro stations in Europe.

Tram | Visit Kyiv

11. Take a tour of the Dnipro on a boat tour and enjoy the views of the city from the river.

12. Take a look at Kiev from a height of 62 meters, and climb the monument “Motherland”.

13. Take a tram that goes to Puscha-Voditsa and you will enjoy a fairytale trip.

14. Take a walk to the caves of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra with a candle in your hand.

15. Become a member of one of the gentlemen’s tournaments that take place regularly in the theme park “Kievan Rus”.

16. Buy a sweet souvenir to memorize the trip: cake “Kievsky”, chocolate candy “Vechirniy Kyiv” and some dried jam from Kiev.

St. Andrew’s Church | Visit Kyiv

17. Look at the city from the renovated observation platform of the Church of San Andrés.

18. Take a look at the “Golden Gate” Museum, the monument of the defensive architecture of Kievan Rus in the eleventh century.

19. Feed the squirrels in the Kiev Polytechnic Institute Park.

20. Take a walk on Khreschatyk Street enjoying a lemon and chocolate ice cream “Lasunka”.

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