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Do most Russians and Ukrainians hate each other?

No, most Russians and Ukrainians consider themselves brothers, many Russian families have Ukrainians as relatives and vice-versa, while many Ukrainians speak Russian, there are groups or governments that get along does not mean that most get along . The relations between Russians and Ukrainians are ANTIQUÍSIMAS, with that we are talking about the Rus de Kiev (first Eastern Slavic state, and mother country of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians) going forward.

There is a minority of Russians who claim that Ukraine should not exist, the Ukrainians are actually Russians who have betrayed their homeland, and the Ukrainian language is just a dialect of the Russian language invented by the Austrians and Poles. Unfortunately, the policy of the Russian state of the last 10 years resulted in a great growth of this category of people.

There is also a minority of Ukrainians who (for historical reasons or just for being ignorant) hate everything that is Russian.

However, the majority of Ukrainians have a neutral-positive attitude until the Russians as long as they do not support Putin’s policy of invasion and destabilization of Ukraine. Likewise, most Russians respect and support Ukrainians who are not Russophobic chauvinists.

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