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Family trip to Kiev with children. Tips for traveling with children

  The range of entertainment for holidaymakers with children in Kiev is just great. You should definitely visit the Kiev zoo. In this big zoo you can see animals from all over the world. The zoo is home to giraffes, elephants, tigers and monkeys in sprawling enclosures and there is also a very remarkable terrarium with snakes, lizards and turtles. The zoo’s territory is equipped with a large number of playgrounds for children, and a variety of attractions are installed. Here are also cozy cafes in operation. In this beautiful picturesque place you can relax comfortably all day long.

A no less attractive place is the Oceanarium ‘Sea Fairy Tale’ – a large and well-equipped aquarium with a rich collection of inhabitants of the underwater world. Visitors to the center have the opportunity to observe rare tropical fish and dangerous marine predators swimming in large aquariums. You can also walk through a transparent tunnel and watch the sharks swimming over their heads. The oceanarium is characterized by a spectacular design and all the halls are equipped with artistic lighting. After viewing the collection, visitors can look into the gift shop and buy hypnotic gifts of marine motifs.

Dolphinarium ‘Nemo’ is very popular with travelers with children in Kiev. It is indoors, therefore accessible for the whole year. Effective performances with the participation of trained dolphins are performed daily in it. For an additional fee, visitors to the center can swim in a pool with the most amazing inhabitants of the water depths and also take an excellent memorial photo session. 

A few years ago was the opening of the original zoo ‘Ecoland’ in Kiev, which is today loved by tourists and locals alike. Among the inhabitants of this indoor zoo are colorful parrots, iguanas, snakes, hedgehogs, lemurs and other representatives of tropical forests. Visitors can hold in their hands and feed all the animals in this zoo. Visitors are invited to make excellent souvenir photos. There are very remarkable cognitive excursions for children in the zoo.

There are dozens of entertainment centers in Kiev. One of the most popular is KidsWill. It is aimed at small children. In this center, children have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of different occupations. You can learn in a game form what the work of doctors and salespeople is, and also how a fire truck is arranged and how it works. The Children’s Center regularly hosts fun activities and creative lessons.

The entertainment center ‘Igoland’ is also suitable for small children. It is inside and is characterized by an impressive scale. The entertainment complex is brightly decorated and has games rooms for the youngest and school-age children. Slot machines, dry pools, a variety of attractions, a great café – everything you need for a great holiday with children, you can see here.

An ideal museum for children is the Experimentarium. This is a modern museum of science and technology. Literally all his exhibits are interactive; You can touch them with your hands. An excursion through the museum is always accompanied by mesmerizing experiments, so that children who are looking for new insights and impressions, are certainly satisfied. The museum regularly holds fascinating theme events, including unusual acoustic shows.

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