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Fly with Ukraine International Airlines

Good evening, gentlemen passengers:

On behalf of Ukraine International Airlines the commander and his crew welcome you on this flight to Kiev. The estimated duration of the flight is 4 hours and 5 minutes

For safety reasons and to avoid interference with aircraft systems, electronic devices may not be used during takeoff and landing phases. In addition, mobile phones should remain disconnected as long as the aircraft doors are closed. Please check that your carry-on luggage is properly positioned, your table folded, the backrest of your seat upright and your seatbelt fastened. We remind you that smoking on board is strictly prohibited on all FlyUIA flights.

Ukraine International Airlines Security Rules

… at this point it is more than possible that I am already sleeping. I should not confess this, but before the plane takes off I am already in the arms of Morfeo and more if in this case the flight is nocturnal. The airplanes have a magical something that relaxes me, I close my eyes and still without sleep I begin to dream about my next destination, without interference or noise, but with a little cold! (How cold it is on airplanes!) This would be for another post, especially on transoceanic flights, even if you go to the hottest corner of the planet, you can never miss a sweater and a jacket so you do not die of cold on the plane, do not forget never this traveler advice)

Although this time I have to say in my defense that the night flight invited to sleep and relax, to be able to arrive with maximum energy to Kiev the next morning, well, to be exact in 4 hours. A perfect flight schedule if you are going to make an international long-distance connection with FlyUIA via Kiev.

 Why fly with Ukraine International Airlines?

FlyUIA has become in recent years one of my favorite airlines , the reason for me is very simple, besides flying to Ukraine, one of my favorite countries, have flights from Spain via Kiev at a very good price to my dreamed destinations , such as Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Iran among others. Not a week goes by without entering the FlyUIA website to see how I can fit the flights and the days available to finally meet some of my traveling dreams.

The Ukrainian airline was founded in the year 92, is completely private and its base airport is Kiev Boryspil (KBP), the most important of Ukraine.

Kiev airport

Where does Ukraine International Airlines fly?

FlyUIA connects Kiev with more than fifty cities , including some European cities such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Brussels, Amsterdam, Budapest, Helsinki, Vilnius, Athens, Larnaca, Bucharest, Istanbul, Ankara, Tel Aviv and Minsk among others; with the Caucasus, Tbilisi, Yerevan and Baku; Middle East, Africa and Asia, with its flights to Bangkok, Delhi and Beijing among other multiple destinations.

In addition to operating other flights with associated international lines, thus reaching more than 3,000 destinations.

FlyUIA plane

How are the aircraft of Ukraine International Airlines?

The fleet of planes of Fly UIA currently consists of 41 aircraft , among which are the precious Boeing 767-300ER and Boeing 777-200ER for long distances that can reach 905 km / h, as well as the Boeing 737NG and Embraer -190 and Embraer-195, like the one that took me from Kiev to Ivano Frankivsk.

Services on board of FlyUIA flights

On Ukraine International Airlines long-haul flights to destinations such as Bangkok in Thailand; New York in the United States, Beijing in China; Toronto in Canada, Delhi in India and La Romana in the Dominican Republic, we have the option to choose to fly in three different classes, Business, Premium Economy and Economy. A very good choice value for money is the Premium Economy class

Ukraine Economy Airlines Premium Economy Services

As the good news never comes alone, now Fly UIA has also introduced this Premium Economy service on domestic and medium-distance flights, which includes:

-Selection of seat, including the first row or seats in emergency exit on domestic and medium-distance flights.

-Change of flight date or time before scheduled departure.

– Priority invoicing at the Business Class counters, as well as Priority Boarding.

– Luggage: One of the things that most stress travelers is the issue of packages and weights, with the Premium Economy you can check 2 pieces of luggage up to 23Kg each and carry 2 pieces of carry-on luggage with a weight not superior to 7 kg the first and 5 kg the second.

– Included beverages such as soft drinks, beer or wine

– Food on board: the menu included, which can also be vegetarian, kosher, Indian and even Ukrainian.

We on the flight Kiev – Madrid opted for the Ukrainian menu , for me there was no better way to dismiss the trip than having the tasty varenyky that I like so much.


On long-distance flights, it also includes a travel kit consisting of a blanket, ear plugs, socks, an eye mask for sleeping, as well as a distance between seats of 90 cm, 2 meals with starter, salad, main course choose, dessert and coffee or tea and of course, entertainment service on board with movies and audios.

Food on board

Flights with stopover in Kiev

As you already know, Kiev is one of my favorite cities , so if you have to make a long distance connection I recommend you make a stopover of at least 24 hours to take advantage and even if you are visiting the beautiful city expressly.

Of course, I will always recommend that you devote to Kiev much longer, it really is worth it, it is a real gem of a city.

St. Andrew’s Church of the golden domes of Kiev

My experience with Ukraine International Airlines

I have flown several times with FlyUIA to Kiev and Ivano Frankivsk and the experience has been fantastic.

The website of Ukraine International Airlines is very intuitive and easy to use, as are the purchase steps. It is necessary to check online before arriving at the airport, you can do it from the web and print the boarding pass or download the App and do it from your mobile, you can share the image of the QR code in case you travel several and some of them run out of battery .

The deal with the staff, both land and crew was perfect on both occasions, the hostesses are very friendly and the truth is that today I can only say positive things about the Ukrainian airline.

I am especially happy that from April and May we have direct flights from Alicante and from Valencia to Ivano Frankivsk, the gateway to the Carpathians, the most incredible landscapes of Ukraine and also the setting for films.


Do you need a visa to travel to Ukraine?

Remember that to travel to Ukraine , Spaniards only need a valid passport valid for more than 6 months.

If you are a national of another country, I recommend that you visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine , there you will find all the details and requirements according to your nationality.

The passport control at the Kiev airport is very convenient and fast and the information is very well marked in Ukrainian and English.

Stamp in the passport when entering Ukraine

Where you would like to travel?

And after seeing all the destinations and connections offered by Ukraine International Airlines, have not you gotten an irrepressible desire to travel?

To me many! Something tells me that it will not be long before I fly again with Fly UIA.

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