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How to go from the Kyiv airport to the city center.

If you’re looking for information on how to get from Kyiv airport to the city center , read on. In this post we tell you different ways and prices to get to the center of the capital of Ukraine from the two international airports of Kyiv: Boryspil and Zhuliany .

General data

As you know Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine , the second largest country in Europe in size. The name of the city is Kyiv and noKievthat in many places it is used erroneously. The language spoken is Ukrainian , although due to membership of the USSR, the language was inhibited, forcing the use of Russian as the universal language. For those who wonder if both languages ​​are similar, I can say that they are from the same linguistic group, so the resemblance could be like Spanish and Italian, or Spanish and French. Evidently, almost all Ukrainians understand Russian , and few Russians understand Ukrainian.

The currency of Ukraine is gryvna (UAH). As of May 2018 the change is from € 1 = to 30 UAH. In the whole post I will show the prices in UAH. I recommend you download the Currency app   very useful in all trips. It will help you pass the prices to your currency, and know if the change they offer is good or not. The app shows the official interbank exchange . On the street it should be similar. The best changes are found in the markets, where there are some men who change money, but I advise against this method to tourists. The safest thing is to change it in a bank or a house of changes, that there are many in the whole country. Ask if they carry commission. As a rule, they do not usually do it. In many places you can pay by card, but first ask your bank what commission they apply to the currency exchange; It is usually between 0% and 5%.

Traveling in Ukraine  How to get from Kyiv airport to the center of the Ukrainian capital

Traveling in Ukraine

How to get from Kyiv airport «Boryspil» («Borisp_l») (KBP) to the center.

The airport of Kyiv «Boryspil» is located about 35 km from the city. At the moment there is no train . Being out of town, and belonging to a town, there is no direct public transport . In theory, you could arrive with a transfer and local buses, but it is not worth losing an hour of time to save 1-2 €.

There are several terminals, but nowadays all flights operate from terminal D. However, if your flight arrives at another terminal, all these means of transport are still valid, since there is a stop in front of each terminal.


From the airport of Kyiv «Boryspil» there is a Sky Bus , with a cost of 100 UAH (about 3 €) . It arrives at the central train station and usually takes about 50 minutes  in normal traffic conditions and up to 2 hours in rush hour. It makes only 1 stop in the subway Kharkivska (Харківська) , price 40 UAH.

The bus stops in front of the terminal and is easily recognizable by its striking colors . At the stop there are times that change according to season , but as a general rule they leave every 15 min. during the day and at night every 30-45 min. The ticket is purchased directly from the driver

To go from the city you have to take this bus at the South Train Station (Pivdennyi Vokzal, Південний Вокзал) which is the same train station, only the other exit. From Vokzalna metro stop (Вокзальна) you have to cross the train station, and the other exit is the North Station (Pivnichnyi Vokzal, Півнччий Вокзал) .

From the station to the city center you can easily reach by metro, in a few stops.

The international airport of Boryspil, Kyiv.  How to get from Kyiv airport to the center of the Ukrainian capital

The international airport of Boryspil, Kyiv.


You have to be very careful with taxi drivers.  The prices that they will ask for will always be exorbitant: 500 UAH if you are lucky and up to 1,000 UAH. A cheaper option is to ask for it by telephone, but it can involve several inconveniences, such as not understanding with the operator, not having a Ukrainian telephone to call, not meeting the taxi driver, etc.


Uber is present in Ukraine  and makes transportation from any airport in Kyiv to the city much easier . The price is about 350 UAH (€ 12). If you are 3 or 4 it is almost more profitable than the bus. I recommend installing the application before the trip. Here is an invitation code that gives you € 5 –  jdz3cj .


Recently, on December 1, 2018 , a train line linking a central train station with an airport was inaugurated.

Unfortunately, the execution of the work was not exempt from irregularities, so the service, even if it is in operation, is not very reliable.

The frequency is very low from 1 to 2 hours between trains. The trains often break down , so I do not recommend taking them when you go to the airport.

Despite these drawbacks is a good way to get to the city and especially if you arrive in Ukraine in winter, or your flight lands at rush hour. The access roads are often jammed and take 1-2 hours to arrive. The train takes a little less than 40 minutes and leaves you almost in the center of the city.

Just make sure to check the train schedule and if you see which train leaves within 1 hour, choose another medium. At this time there is no source of information that shows the correct schedule. On the website of the airport shows the old schedule, on the website of Ukrainian trains, the new one, and on the photo of the airport itself a different one. So ask it at the box office.

One of the ways to get from Kyiv airport to the city center is to go through the train station.  How to get from Kyiv airport to the center of the Ukrainian capital

One of the ways to get from Kyiv airport to the city center is to go through the train station.

How to get from Kyiv Zhuliany airport («Жуляни») (IEV) to the center.

This is a small airport within the city, only 7 km from the center of Kyiv . It is the airport of low cost airlines . Very comfortable, being small and well located.


There is a public transport stop 200 meters from the terminal . I recommend using Google Maps to calculate the trip and to tell you which bus number suits you best depending on where you are. Bus 169 and 368 for near the train station, but there are at least 8 more buses that depart from different points of the city of Kyiv. The price is less than 10 UAH (0.30 €)

There is a No. 22 trolleybus that stops right in front of the terminal. Check with Google if it suits you.

Hours : from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.


As a general rule in Ukraine, it is better to call the taxi, but for tourists this is very inconvenient, so I advise against it . The price you will be asked on the street will be between 300 and 500 UAH (€ 10-15).


The best choice . The price to the train station is about 70 UAH (just over 2 €). Here is an invitation code that gives you € 5 –  jdz3cj .

As a general rule, it is easy to find Wi-Fi connection , and if you are going to be at least a week in Ukraine, I recommend buying a SIM card and having it set up with a data rate. It is usually quite economical.

I hope this post has been helpful, and leave me in the comments if something has changed.

How to get from Kiev airport to the city center

Public and private transfers from Boryspil airport to downtown Kiev

The capital of Ukraine, Kiev, is a city of great cultural importance – it has more than 40 museums – and an example as an ecological city , as it is one of the largest cities in the world, with trees (the horse chestnut being the species more common) and parks spread throughout its length, in addition to having two botanical gardens. In addition, in its long history – which is believed to begin around the fifth century -, Kiev has also been the main eastern center of the Orthodox Christian church. Proof of this is the designation as a World Heritage Site of its most important religious enclaves: the Cathedral of Saint Sophia and the Monastery of the Caves.

If you want to visit Kiev, you will find a city where it is still strange to see tourists, giving it an extraordinary authenticity.

The usual point of entry to Kiev is Boryspil Airport, which has an annual passenger traffic that is close to 13 million .

Kiev airport is about 35 km from the city center. To go from Kiev airport to the city center you have the following options:

If you do not want to complicate your life, here you can directly book your transfer from Kiev Airport to your final destination:Reservation

Train from Kiev Airport to the city center

One of the most comfortable options to go from Kiev airport to the city center by public transport is the train. The line that joins both points was inaugurated in December 2018 and has had great success among passengers.

  • Itinerary: at the Kiev airport, you will find the train station about 100 meters north of the D terminal. In the city center, the only stop is the Kiev-Pasazhyrskyi central station. The only intermediate stop is in Darnytsia, in the eastern part of the city. At Kiev Central Station, the train that goes to the airport departs from platform 14.
  • Duration of the trip: to go from Kiev airport to the center (central train station) it will take about 40 minutes.
  • Frequency: to go from the Kiev airport to the center you can take one of the two trains per hour that depart from the stations. At night there are also trains, but only one every two hours.
  • Prices and tickets: train tickets cost 80 UAH (about € 3) for adults, and 60 UAH for children. They can be purchased at the vending machines that you will find in Terminal D and at the Kiev train station. Of course, keep in mind that you can only pay by card, and not in cash.
  • Schedules: you can find the full train schedule from Kiev airport to the center on the Kyiv Boryspil Express website .


Make the most of your time in Kiev to the fullest with any of the following guided tours in Spanish and with very good recommendations from its users:

  1. Free tour in Kiev
  2. Excursion to Chernobyl and Prípiat
  3. Excursion to the Monastery of the Caves and Park of the Eternal Glory
  4. Guided tour of Kiev
  5. Tours of the cathedrals of Kiev
  6. Private Kiev tour with guide in Spanish
  7. Two-day trip to Chernobyl and Prípiat
  8. Other magnificent excursions in Kiev

Bus from Kiev Airport to the city center

The other option of public transport is somewhat slower and more uncomfortable than the train, but it has the great advantage that it works 24 hours a day. This is bus number 322, also called Sky Bus.

  • Itinerary: at the Kiev airport, the bus stop is to the left of the exit by terminal D. There is also another stop at Terminal F. In the city center, the final stop is that of the central station of trains (the bus stop is at the back of the station), also known as Pivdennyi (South Terminal). Another stop is the subway station (line 3) of Kharkivska, in the southeast of Kiev.
  • Frequency : there is a bus between Kiev airport and downtown (and vice versa) every 15 minutes, one being every 30 or 45 minutes during the night.
  • Trip duration: approximately one hour, depending on traffic.
  • Prices and tickets: the single ticket costs 100 UAH (for both adults and children), and 200 UAH for the round trip. They can be purchased in advance on the Sky Bus website. If you are not so farsighted, you can always buy it at the airport and station vending machines, or directly from the driver. If you combine the bus ticket with a subway trip to get to your hotel, you should know that the subway ticket costs only 8 UAH.
  • Schedules: the Sky Bus is operational 24 hours a day. To check the specific schedules, you can check the official website.

Travel insurance to travel to Ukraine

Are you one of those who still think that travel insurance is something expendable?
Insurance for a family with two children who wants to make a one-week trip to any European destination can cost about 45 euros (not even 7 euros per day). Traveling as a family, as a couple or alone, we recommend arriving at the destination with a standard insurance that includes a minimum of 60,000 euros in hospitalization, repatriation, theft and cancellation fees. We have tried several companies and the last few times we have repeated with Iati because everything has gone perfectly. You also have a 5% discount when you come from us through this link .

Car rental at Kiev Airport

If you have some time to explore both Kiev and its surroundings, it may not be a bad idea to rent a car at the Kiev airport. In Terminal D you will find Europcar, Hertz, Sixt, Budget and Avis counters.

In order to choose the best value for money, we offer you our car rental comparator, where you can see all the offers at a glance:

Rent a car with a discount of up to 15%:

Taxi to go from Kiev Airport to the city center

Another way to go from Kiev airport to the city center is by taxi. They usually cost around 500 UAH and the journey can take half an hour.

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