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Is it dangerous to travel to Ukraine?

At 3.148 kilometers from home …


Facebook just reminded me that a year ago I was in Ukraine, so here I come to tell you another adventure, as they say, better late than never  Before anything, I answer the question you have always asked me about this country:

Is it dangerous to travel to Ukraine? My answer is no.


Traveling to Lviv is safe

It is true that the country not long ago suffered the  open conflict between Ukraine and Russia . Perhaps you will hear everything that was seen in the main square of Kiev or the news of the plane that presumably destroyed the pro-Russian rebels. That was the key point to ask again if really traveling to Ukraine is safe.


I went to a fairly safe part, Lviv. Like everything, there are zones and zones. The parts that they did not recommend me and therefore I do not recommend you to go, are in the land closest to Russia. The area of Kiev , the capital, remains isolated from all kinds of conflicts. At least in the sense that you will not notice any kind of tension.


The construction is reminiscent of the glory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It has an  impressive opera  and theaters, which gives  a bohemian touch to the city.

History of Lviv

It belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but when it disappeared after the First World War, Poland made it theirs, since in its territory there was a large number of Poles. In 1941, after the Nazi invasion of  Poland , this city passed into the hands of the Germans , but the Soviet Union decided to annex it to their country along with other territories.

Therefore,  in the course of just 150 years, this city has belonged to several countries  and empires that have left their mark on it quite appreciable.

And a fundamental fact:  during the First World War he was very lucky, because it was not bombed,  it was only the logistics center of the Germans and then of the Soviets. That is why its architecture can be seen intact, just like in its glory years.


The citizens of Lviv   were expelled to Wroclaw (Wroclaw) that until that moment belonged to Germany, being in the city a Russian majority. 


Do you need a visa for Ukraine?

It is not necessary to apply for a visa, as long as the stay does not exceed 3 months. I send you the information of the embassy of Spain:

“Citizens of the member states of the European Union, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, Vatican, Iceland, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, Japan, the United States (USA) and Canada can enter Ukraine without a visa if the period of stay in Ukraine does not exceed 90 days as long as it is for tourism reasons. “


Currency in Ukraine. How much is the change of the euro in Ukraine?

The official currency is the Hryvna, the change to today is: 1 euro = 31.34 Hryvnias .

My three-day experience in Lviv

This trip, apart from improvised, was another of the GREAT memories of my Erasmus The members of the group were: Mia, Ivana, Irena, Karlo (four Croatian friends), Lotta , (a very “Finnish” Finnish), Berni(the total German prototype but with an important head pinching), Nico  (my partner in crime) and I, who at that time was worth two (see photo):


It was one of the getaways that I liked the most. A country that I had no expectations created , managed to mark me and put my feet on the ground. Another experience of those that open your mind.

One of the things that I do not regret at all, is that each of my trips during my Erasmus was with very different groups, in fact each of them I did with different people (here Pati the sociable) and they were all great. This one in particular, we did from Krakow. It was about 8 hours by bus, but to that we had to add at least two more for the military stop and search that is made at the border.


When the bus dropped us off at the Lviv main station, it almost gave us something. It seemed as if we had gone back in time 30 years. the cars were old, the ATMs looked like toys, people looked at us when we saw that we were tourists … Without having any of our mobile data, we tried to get to the hostel and after a few laps, we got it.

The four days we were, we live like kings. For starters, the subject of food in Ukraine is very economical. We ate every day in luxury restaurants and we did not pay 4 euros for first course, second course, drink and dessert. Going out partying … the same.


There’s a lot of urban art on the streets , which makes my camera and I go crazy. As I said before, the streets have a bohemian touch. The people are pretty serious in appearance, which did not surprise us coming from Poland, but then you realize that they are helpful and in the face of any problem they offer help . There was enough security in the city. Every two times a group of armed soldiers passed by our side. When you’ve seen it more than 3 times, you get used to it .


One of the days we had the luck, without knowing it, to arrive in the anniversary of Lviv, so we found ourselves with a very good atmosphere, the streets and squares full of music and people.


What I liked most about the city, is that it is not overcrowded in terms of tourism and least of all the return to Krakow, we were in a bus more than 13 hours since we were held at the border because one of the passengers was trying to make tobacco contraband. Removing the laaaarga return, we spent some very good days and with a company difficult to match.

I hope that one day you have the opportunity to go. I got Kiev ready for the next …

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