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Prepare Your Trip to Kiev: Advice & Tips – Important Travel Advice

  1. The national currency is best worth for the purchases and services. You can change them in any city bank. The majority of banks work 5 days a week, while the days off are Saturday and Sunday. Some large banks are also open on Saturdays.
  2. It is recommended not to use tap water for drinking. It is better to buy purified water in any grocery store. In Kiev fountains with drinking water are widespread. They are set up as old hand pumps and can be found on the territory of any park. The purest artesian water can be used for nothing.
  3. In the city, smoking is prohibited in public places, but the specific smoking zones are everywhere. In restaurants and bars the hall is often divided into two parts, one of which is intended for smokers and others – for nonsmokers.
  4. Public transport is presented in Kiev of all its possible types. Most comfortable is probably Metro, which works from 6 o’clock in the morning until 24 o’clock. From early morning until late in the evening, cruise taxis and buses, as well as trams and trolleybuses, run along the city streets. They are convenient for traveling to the near distances.
  5. The tourists who want to visit the restaurants of the national cuisine must take into account that the menu in such restaurants changes every season. Only seasonal vegetables and natural foods are used for the preparation of the dishes, which is why they are so popular. 
  6. In the large restaurants the service charge can be included in the bill. If such a point is not provided in a sheet, it is possible to add 5 – 10% automatically to the sum. The tip can also give the taxi driver and city guide.
  7. Voltage in a power grid makes 220 In, in many hotels sockets of the standard European type are established. These nuances must be specified when booking the hotel number in order to provide yourself with the necessary adapters in advance.
  8. The staff of the highest category hotels, as well as the chic restaurants and commercial complexes speak foreign languages. However in many restaurants menu can be only on Ukrainian, therefore waiters can ask all interesting questions.
  9. Before a walk it is recommended to take along a copy of the document confirming the personality. Tourists who have arrived in Kiev for the first time, are supposed to love to take a city map in the tourist office. It will make the walks even easier and more enjoyable.

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