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Travel Guide to Kiev – Sights and visits

To get to know all the memorable places in Kiev, you need more than a day long walks. It is not necessarily to use means of transport, the main attractions are but next to each other.

The main street is called Khreshchatyk, from here it is recommended to start the tour of the city. It’s worth mentioning that the road is one of the widest in the world. On open days traffic is blocked here, and pedestrians will enjoy the variety of architecture, admiring the monuments and sculptures. The buildings here were built in different eras, so their combination is very unusual and unique. Here you can find the modern restaurants that offer you a wide choice of national and European food as well as a lot of commercial centers and boutique.

Theatrical appraisers need to take a walk along Gorodetskaya Street, as here the theater is located after Ivan Franko. Nearby you can discover the presidential palace and one of the most famous architectural buildings – the house with chimeras.

There is another strange place next to the main road – the Golden Gate. Once the oldest gate served as the main entrance to the city. After entering the city, you first saw the majestic Saint Sophia Cathedral, built in the 11th century. Today, it preserves a large number of relics and frescoes that delight visitors. On the opposite side of Sophia Square, you can see the monument to Bohdan Khmelnytsky and St. Michael’s Monastery. If you are tired of the walks, you can take a cable car ride, which offers a magnificent view. These are just a few memorials worth visiting the city guests.

  In Kiev there is a unique old monastery – the Kiev Cave Monastery. It was founded in the 11th century and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The monastery is a composite architectural center with several temples, a theological seminary and other buildings. Even the oldest part was retained – the cells hewn directly into the rock. In addition to religious relics, the monastery houses a rich collection of books. One of the largest state libraries in the country is here.

Among the religious attractions, the Cathedral of St. Sophia deserves special attention. The first mention dates from the 13th century. For centuries, the cathedral was destroyed several times, but quickly restored and each time bigger and more spectacular. Now the cathedral is also considered a World Heritage Site. The last major reconstruction in it was held in the 17th century. In the cathedral, many old decorative elements have been preserved. At present, the services are held exclusively on major religious holidays.

Night Kiev

The beautiful Church of St. Andrew is considered one of the most spectacular in the world of monuments in Baroque style. This church was built in the middle of the 18th century. It is located in the heart of the historic district of Kiev, on a hill. The temple captivates by its beauty. Its domes are painted in emerald colors and the façade is executed in a white and blue style. In this church also precious decorative elements were obtained. Many old icons and other shrines are kept in it.

In Kiev, there are many outstanding monuments. A spectacular example of Art Nouveau is the house with Chimaeras. The main feature of this original manor house are the sculptures adorning its façade, depicting mythical creatures – chimeras. The interior of this villa is no less original. The author of the construction project was the famous architect Wladyslaw Horodecki.

Kyiv - Chimera Building

The National Museum of History of Ukraine remains the most visited cultural institution in Kiev. Once it was founded as a small archaeological exhibition. Over time, the museum’s exhibition grew thousands of times. The official opening of the museum took place in 1904. At present, in addition to unique archaeological artifacts, you can also see extensive collections of weapons, antique coins, rare books, porcelain and works of art. 

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