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What to eat in Ukraine

We are talking about nothing more and nothing less than the bacon on the back of the pig , a true delight much lighter in flavor than we can imagine and that is possible to eat it as filling in chocolates. Chocolate and bacon, Ukrainian delicacies.

Ukrainian Salo


Some old friends were waiting for me and also because not to mention, one of my favorite dishes in Eastern Europe, the pasta stuffed in the form of small empanadillas .

Although my absolute weakness is the varenyky stuffed with sweet cheese, as the culmination of an explosion of taste in the mouth, there are cherry fillings, a tidal wave of textures, that make my taste buds go crazy with emotion.

Cherry varenyky

These small empanadillas are more than a food, they are very linked to the Ukrainian folklore and its traditions. In past times it was believed that eating them on certain days of the year contributed to attract good fortune, remembering their shape to the crescent moon, a symbol of ancient Ukrainian beliefs.

There are stuffed potatoes, mushrooms, cheese and always accompanied by sour cream, you can not go from Ukraine without trying them.

Varenyky with sour cream

The Ukrainian bread

The flag of Ukraine is composed of two horizontal stripes of the same size, one in blue, representing a bright sky over a field of fertile wheat, represented by the yellow strip.

The bread in Ukraine is much more than a food, it is a symbol. The country was known for a long time as the granary of Europe and also as Stalin’s granary , since the dictator starved several million Ukrainians intentionally , confiscating millions of tons of grain. This very dark and painful episode in the history of the Soviet Union is known as the genocide of Holomodor , a word that in Ukrainian means famine.

The bread is also sacred to the Ukrainians, there are no holidays, ritual or important event in which it is not present.

We can find breads of very different type, rye bread, whole grain, semi-integral wheat bread, white bread, seeds, cereals and even a special bread for weddings, the Korovai, a work of art bakery.

Ukrainian bread

Korovai, wedding cake from ukraine

This famous wedding bread has its origin in pagan times when bread was considered to be of divine nature.

The korovai is richly decorated with ornaments representing animals and symbolic figures and presides over the tables of the guests during the celebration.

This bread has to be cut by the sponsor and the newlyweds have to stay with the upper floor, the next floor is for the parents of the couple and family and friends, and the smaller portions of the lower part will go for the musicians .

Korovai, Ukrainian wedding bread
Stamp of Ukraine with a Korovai

Borsch, the Ukrainian soup

This is how Ukrainian beet soup is known, practically a cult dish in the country .

There are more than 30 different recipes to cook this soup, it can be served hot or cold, with meat or mushrooms, sweet or sour, and even with salo or fish and is one of the most traditional dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, taken daily and also in special celebrations.



This typical dish of the Carpathians is made of cornmeal and sour cream, to which bacon, mushrooms and cheese are added.

Traditionally, it was traditionally cooked by mountain shepherds from the Ivano Frankivsk region, simmering on an outdoor fire.


Kholodets, meat jelly

This gelatinous dish is considered one of the most popular delicacies in the country and is known as aspic elsewhere in Europe.

It is made with the gelatine of the broth of the meat, once cooled it takes the shape of the container and served on a plate you can see through the transparent gelatin the pieces of meat inside, includes small pieces of chicken, pork and veal.

Although in the south of Europe we find this kind of dishes a little curious, I must say that besides being delicious, it is a totally homemade menu and very good for the organism since it is made entirely by hand and contains this gelatin multiple nutritional properties .


Chicken to Kiev

Although there is still a debate as to its origin, since some say that it was invented by the Merchant Club of Moscow and others that it was in France where it was born and not in Kiev, of which there is no doubt it is now one of the dishes more typical of the country and besides being very simple, it is delicious.

This tasty dish consists of a chicken breast whose interior contains garlic, herbs, touches of lemon and butter, leaving juicy inside and crispy on the outside and is one of the national dishes of Ukraine.

Chicken to Kiev


The Krovianka is also an old acquaintance of our gastronomy, a sausage based on coagulated and cooked blood does it sound like something? Yes, it’s the blood sausage .

The pork is a staple food in Ukrainian cuisine and for this reason could not miss this sausage at your table, despite the religious controversies that once had consume animal blood.

We can find Krovianka only of blood, of wheat, with onion, mixed with salo and even with bread and spices. It is very typical to eat it in Ukraine before Christmas and after Easter, but it can be found in all Ukrainian cuisine restaurants in the country at any time of the year.

Blood sausage

At your table we can also find other dishes, such as soups of multiple varieties, one of my favorites is the mushroom soup of the Carpathians; In addition to salads and leftover meats and sausages, and of course, delicious cakes and desserts, always accompanied by sour cream, honey or applesauce.

Ukrainian meats and sausages

Forget the diet and let your palate enjoy the pleasures of Ukrainian cuisine.

Ukraine if it is country for foodies

fish pate

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